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Post Holiday Detox Jam!

jessica lowndes
Post Holiday Detox Jam!

Quick & Easy Recipe to Beat Post-Holiday BloaT

By Tania Gabbay

I’ll bet I’m not the only one feeling the repercussions of my indulgent, incredible, fulfilling Holiday break! After a festive holiday, we often find ourselves feeling sluggish, bloated, and not quite ourselves – physically and mentally. It can be difficult to get back on track with healthy eating and an exercise routine, as a result of eating foods that our digestive system is not normally acquainted with, and certainly not in such quantities! When our digestive system is off track, it can be helpful to find cleansing, healing ways to get our bodies back to their non-bloated, highly functioning selves. One great way to beat that holiday bloat is with this delicious, powerful Date & Prune Jam… Give it a try!

You’ll need:

1 cup dried dates

1 cup dried prunes

2 cups water

  • Chop dates and prunes into small pieces

  • Bring water to a rolling boil

  • Add chopped dates and prunes into boiling water

  • Simmer on medium heat for 1 hour, or until mixture thickens to jam-like consistency

  • Let cool for 1 hour

Enjoy 1-2 tablespoons for quick results! And remember, this delicious jam is intended to cleanse your digestive system, so enjoy in moderation.

Until next time!

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