jessica lowndes


jessica lowndes


By Betsy Parker

Now in her 60's, Betsy talks to us about Pilates. It has many physical benefits, but did you know one of those benefits is that a pilates workout can be anti-aging? Read her story below. 


Almost every time I meet a new client, I quickly get asked the question, " How do you look like this at 64?"! My answer, and I say this always with a big smile, is "Thank you so much!  I'm conducting a personal experiment to see whether the body can improve with age rather than deteriorate!"

This "experiment" is what I love to instill in each of my clients. Work out for the joy of knowing you can look better and better year after year rather than worry about the aging process!

On a personal level, I have been majorly addicted to Pilates, and the benefits it brings, for the past 25 years. The slow and controlled movements, the concentration on the core, the breathing, and the resistance involved in each routine have given me the long, lean, and toned muscles I that I have, and have maintained, for years. Pilates keeps the body strong and flexible, and with a strong core your body moves with beautiful posture and grace!

I teach on the traditional Pilates machines and take my clients through a variety of moves in every session. My teaching style is a rigorous one and sessions are generally an hour.  However, amazing results can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes if my client has limited time. The key is that pilates works multiple body parts in each move, all of which are centered around the core.

Just knowing what Pilates has done for me and my overall health and shape is what brings me the passion to pass work on to my clients and watch them meet their desired goals! It's what I do best!

I also take care to get at least 4 days of intense cardio in to keep that big muscle in shape, the heart!  Sweat it out and try adding Pilates in your life, and you'll begin to look younger and tighter as you grow older! It's truly a miracle!