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Fresh Brows For Spring

jessica lowndes
Fresh Brows For Spring

Lighten up. Spring is here!

Stevi Christine, brow guru and celebrity makeup artist, gives us tips on how to get our eyebrows Spring ready. 

The perfect brow will make you look fresh, young and well rested. A trick I like to do for spring is to lighten the look of the eyebrows by using a powder or thin brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color. This gives a soft yet natural look to the brows. It also makes the eyes really pop. 

I prefer to use my Naturally By powder pen. This is actually an eyebrow powder with a sponge applicator on one end and an eyebrow brush on the other end. After endless research and years of experience using other products, I realized there was nothing like this in the American market. It was very important to me to create a product that was long wearing and water resistant while being cruelty, sulfate and gluten free. No GMO's whatsoever. Hence the name... Naturally by. I love how the lightweight powder fills in the brows without making them feel too stenciled or heavily lined.

After using Naturally By Powder Pen to create a natural tint to the brows, I take the Naturally By Definer pencil and fill in any empty spaces that need to be filled in. I like to apply and draw on the brows in strokes which gives off the illusion of natural hair.

A very simple trick to keeping things under control? Always brush those brows up. In Jess's case, I like to apply a clear eyebrow gel which creates a more polished look that's also very feminine. If your brows are getting particularly unruly, the clear brow gel helps to keep them in place. Or I suggest using a toothbrush sprayed with a bit of hairspray when you brush them up. 

Jess recently lightened her hair and asked my advise on what I thought about her brows. Here are some tips for my take on softening your look with Spring brows below.

1. Creating a soft perfect shape. Let's start with where you eyebrows should start which is at the bridge of your nose. This point can be easily found by vertically holding a pencil up to your nose bone and that is where the starting point should be. 

2. If you move the pencil diagonally, as in across the pupil of the eyes that is where the arch of your eyebrows should be (it's about two-thirds of the way out). The arch shape can change the shape of your brow and the shape of your eyes and face. If your seeking a softer more youthful look then a soft arch (not too defined arch) would be your best choice. Like I recently did with Jess' brows. I personally love a softer arch for spring. It really opens up the eye area. As spring reflects pastel tones your face should also appear soft and sweet like the girl next door. Brows play an important role in this.

3. Trimming your brows too much or wrong is just as bad as tweezing too many brows or taking that one hair you shouldn't have taken. Make sure your brows are not too long either as this can cause them to fall out. Trim your hairs one by one vs trying to trim all together (this will leave u looking like you just got a brow cut vs a natural soft look we are striving for). 

4. Once you feel good about the shape, add a bit of color to give a little dimension. I love powders or a thin pencil works too. I'm currently into using a shade a hair lighter then your natural color (as we are approaching summer, I love to lighten the look of eyebrows) this gives soft natural eyebrows.