jessica lowndes

How To: Half Pony

jessica lowndes
How To: Half Pony

5 easy steps to NAIL this look

1.  Start with dry hair. This look is great on day 2 of a blow out. But a fresh blow out never hurt.  

2.  Create texture in the hair by using a curling iron or flat iron (whichever tool your most comfortable waving your hair with).  With hair longer then shoulder length I would use an inch and a quarter size.  If you have above shoulder length an inch size is perfect.

3.  Take a section of Hair from temple to temple.   Around the back of the head (horse shoe section) and secure on top of the head with a rubber band creating a high small pony tail. 

4.  Take a small amount of hair from the pony tail and wrap it around the base of pony tail to cover the rubber band and secure with a Bobby pin.

5.  Add some texture spray throughout the hair and pony tail to create volume and a tousled look!



Hailey Baldwin


Gigi Hadid


Ariana Grande


Throwin' it back to the 90's, Kelly Kapowski rocked this look with a scrunchie! 


With over fifteen years in hair and incredible experience with A-list celebrities and models, Lorenzo Calderon has earned the title of hairstylist extraordinaire.
Professionally trained by key leaders at Vidal Sassoon, Lorenzo credits that experience with teaching him classic technique. That combined with years of hand-on styling experience at Warren-Tricomi where he was mentored by esteemed hair stylist, Kristen Ess who provided him countless opportunities to work on editorial shoots and fashion shows, has allowed Lorenzo to master the art of hair styling.
Inspired by making people feel beautiful.  Lorenzo thrives when his clients are happy with how they look. It is no wonder that he has found fans among Hollywood celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Erika Jayne, Cassie, Ciara and Jessica Lowndes, who rely on him for their hair styling needs. In addition to being a favorite among Hollywood VIP’s, Lorenzo has lent his expertise at Fashion Shows for top designers including Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and Diane Von Furstenburg. Lorenzo is happy to now call Sally Hershberger LA his salon home.