The Lowdown
The Lowdown



lowdown |ˈlōˌdoun| informal

noun (the lowdown)

1. the true facts or relevant information about something: "get the lowdown on the sit-in."

synonyms: facts, information, story, intelligence, news, info, rundown, inside story, score, scoop

It all started when...

I was sitting on a plane ride back to LA, as most crazy ideas usually do for me. Before boarding the flight, an adorable 14 year old girl, who was 90210 obsessed, ran up to me and handed me a letter in an envelope. While sitting on the plane, I decided to open the note and read it. I was overwhelmed that she had taken the time out of her day to write me such a beautiful letter filled with words of encouragement. In the letter she wrote, please start a blog where you can interact with your fans. She had no idea that she had brightened my day and also given me a new found inspiration. I was going through a tough break up at the time. On top of that, I had been feeling terribly frustrated and emotionally beaten down after dealing with having one good audition after another good audition and then losing out on the job for reasons completely out of my control. (my look, my height, my age...etc) Her letter was the exact push I needed. Let’s be honest, we all need to do something challenging at some points in life. It’s easy to slide into our comfort zones and stop growing. The idea of launching a blog was something I always wanted to do but I was terrified by how difficult it would be. That's exactly why I had to do it. If something scares me, I HAVE to do it! Building a safe community, writing interesting content, being creative, collaborating with inspiring people are all awesome challenges that only force me to keep learning and growing and I hope THE LOWDOWN does the same for you.

The lowdown is an honest look into my daily life and a digital diary of all of my experiences. An insider's scoop on the latest fashion trends, fitness workouts, the latest beauty must haves and must see destinations around the world. I created the blog/live magazine THE LOWDOWN with the mission to help, encourage and empower individuals through a collection of all of my favorite things. I wanted to paint a picture of my life, an inside story if you will, and hear all about yours. THE LOWDOWN is about me sharing what I see, or want to see, in this world. It’s about all of us coming together and teaching one another what we know and it's about sharing what we are learning. I wanted to create a safe place and community for you that celebrates fashion, fitness, health, beauty and travel and it's my wish for you to know how loved you are, how brilliant, intriguing, inspiring and incredibly brave you are. I hope through this blog you find the articles helpful and informative and most of all, inspiring!

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